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On February 11, 2011 the Trade Company MAKPETROL PROMGAS DOOEL Skopje has been established, in consistency with the positive regulations in R. Macedonia, by the sole founder MAKPETROL AD Skopje, with Statement on establishment of Trade Company, legally registered at the Trade Register of R. Macedonia on March 07, 2011.

The main activity of the Company is Wholesale Trading with solid, liquid and gas fuels and similar products. The Company carries out all activities established by the National classification of activities for which it is stipulated by law that the activities may be performed solely on the basis of given consent, approval or other act by the state authority or other authority.

The Company has been presently supplying with natural gas for consumers of natural gas in consistency with the issued licenses by the Regulatory Energy Commission (REC) of R.N. Macedonia. MAKPETROL PROM-GAS DOOEL performs the energy activity- Natural Gas Supply by means of concluding contracts for sale and purchase of natural gas and contracts for lease of transmission and/or distribution capacity within the territory of R. of N. Macedonia and abroad. The sale of natural gas is considered supply of natural gas in compliance with the issued license


Natural gas is a very significant energy source and chemical substance that has substantial chemical-physical properties, as well as advantages in relation to environmental protection, when comparing with the conventional fuels.

Naturally cleaner fuel

Natural gas is the cleanest fuel of fossil fuels. The hydrogen prevalence with its chemical composition, comparing to the small amount of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and lead makes this fuel more environmental friendly.

Safe for use

Natural gas is one of the safest fuels. It is not toxic and is less flammable. In the event, you act in compliance with the standards and normal practice, the natural gas installations and devices are safe and secured for use.

Secured supply

Natural gas is a strategic energy product in R.N. Macedonia while the world gas reserves guarantee the availability for long term. On the other hand, it is available for the user at any time and for any kind of use.

Common use

Nowadays, natural gas is used for commercial purposes and is used in the technology industry processes as a chemical raw material for production, it is used in the industry section and in households as heating and cooling energy product, for production of electricity and lately, its participation as motor fuel for different types of motor vehicles has been increased;

Lower pollution

Upon the combustion, natural gas has lower emission of harmful gases (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur components, as well as low level of smoke, ash, and solid particulates (pm). It results from simpler structure and composition, comparing to other fossil fuels

Larger efficiency and economy

The technology for commercial use of natural gas has been advanced, contributing for bigger energy efficiency in comparison with fossil fuels. The natural gas is simple energy shape with the ability for immediate by connecting to the transmission gas network.


The operation of MAKPETROL PROM-GAS DOOEL Skopje, as a limited liability company founded by Makpetrol AD, is in accordance with the established course for achieving the overall strategic goals:

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