The Trade Company MAKPETROL PROM-GAS DOOEL has been found

Natural gas is a significant energy product and chemical substance that…

Rulebook on the manner on price regulation for transmission, distribution and…


The operation of MAKPETROL PROM-GAS DOOEL Skopje, as a limited liability company founded by Makpetrol AD, is in accordance with the established course for achieving the overall strategic goals

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Lighter that the air

Small flammability range

Natural gas is colorless

Natural gas is scentless and tasteless


Properties of Natural Gas

Natural gas of Earth Gas is a gas-fossil fuel. It exists individually (dry natural gas) or along with the oil, as gas drops above the oil (wet natural gas).

The composition of natural gas varies depending on the locations where it occurs. In the locations where it appears along with the oil, there is usually larger gas participation with more carbon atoms (wet natural gas) and vice-versa (dry natural gas) where methane participation is above 85 (mol%)

PROM-GAS DOOEL Skopje prepared the following:


Being a holder of the Licenses for carrying out the energy activity-Natural Gas Supply, in accordance with article 9, Paragraph 1 of the Rules on Natural Gas Supply (official Gazette of RM no. 51/19) prior to the conclusion of the Supply Contract, the consumers were provided with a copy of the Consumer Memo, in compliance with the Energy Law, bylaws and other regulations adopted by the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia